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IQ10 Cart and Equipment Washer

KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS is introducing a new range of Cart Washers Disinfectors that will ease the daily tasks and workloads for the Life Science and Pharmaceautical industry. The machine is available in four different sizes.

The IQ10 is a sustanaible solution due to its low consumption of water, electricity and detergents, and it also has an internal water recirculation system that collects the disinfection water and recycles it.

Furthermore the machine has a short process time, which makes the washing process more time efficient. The IQ10 can be used for washing and disinfection of larger size equipment.

The IQ10 represents a new generation of Cart Washer Disinfectors that meet the latest regulatory standards such as EN/ISO 15883-1/2/6.

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The KEN IQ10 is made to be an eco-friendly machine. By monitoring the cycle parameters and variables and with dedicated programs the machine will always seek to optimize the water, energy and chemical consumption by its built-in control functions.



  • Available in different chamber volumes to adapt to every need
  • In accordance with EN ISO 15883-1, 2, 6 and EN 61010-1
  • Chamber SS AISI 316 and external structure even electrical panel SS AISI 304
  • Extra depth version of 3000 mm available
  • Extra wide version of 1200 mm available
  • Horizontal oscillating nozzles on the walls
  • Tilted floor (for faster drying)
  • Double tempered sliding glass door
  • Double chamber illumination
  • 2 chemical pumps with flowmeters and level sensors – 4 in total as an option
  • Forced air drying system including HEPA H14 filter
  • Independent service area (left or right side)
  • Noise level <70 dB
  • 4,0 kW washing pump with speed control by frequency inverter
  • Adjustable analog wash pressure control


Technical data

External dimensions IQ10: H: 2790 x W: 2540 x D: 2770 mm
IQ10-W: H: 2790 x W: 2940 x D: 2770 mm
IQ10-L: H: 2790 x W: 2540 x D: 3520 mm
IQ10-LW: H: 2790 x W: 2940 x D: 3520 mm
Wash area, dimensions Q10: H: 2000 x W: 1000 x D: 2250 mm
IQ10-W: H: 2000 x W: 1200 x D: 2250 mm
IQ10-L: H: 2000 x W: 1000 x D: 3000 mm
IQ10-LW: H: 2000 x W: 1200x D: 3000 mm
Storage tank capacity 130 liter
Water consumption per phase 70 – 125 liters depending on load and phase
Heating element drying unit Electrical 32 kW (400 V) or steam
Heating element store tank Electrical 24 kW (400 V) or steam
Heating element water heater Electrical 72 kW (400 V) or steam
Compressed air Pressure: 500-700 kPa
Exhaust connection point Ø250 mm 1000 m³/h
Water connection Tank 1 (Cold or Demin./RO water 5-30°C): 2 x 3/4”, pressure 200-800 kPa, ≥ 15 l/min.
Tank 2 (Cold or Demin./RO water 5-30°C): 2 x 3/4”, pressure 200-800 kPa, ≥ 15 l/min.
Optional: Tank 3 (Cold or Demin./RO water 5-30°C): 1 x 3/4”, pressure 200-800 kPa, ≥ 15 l/min.
Cold water: temp. 5-30°C, hardness 0-30° dH.
Demineralized/RO water: 5-70°C, conductivity 3-200 μS
Power supply electrical heated 400V / 415V 3N ~+PE 50 Hz 76kW
The impedance must not exceed 0.246 ohm
Power supply, steam 400V / 415V 3N ~+PE 50 Hz 13kW
The impedance must not exceed 0.246 ohm
Sound effect, LWA <70 dB (A)
Blower, drying unit 2 x 6.3 kW, 50/60Hz
Drain Ø50, minimun flow requirements: 250 l/min.
Operative environment Temperature and humidity: 5°C – 40°C, ≤ 80% relative humidity for temperatures up to 31°C
decreasing linearly to 50% at 40°C
Programs 40 programs, of which each program contains up to 10 phases