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IQ10e Cart Washer

HYGIENE SYSTEMS is introducing a new range of Cart Washer Disinfectors that will improve the daily tasks and workloads for the HEALTHCARE industry.

The KEN IQ10e has been developed for washing and disinfection of larger size equipment in CSSD- and care facilities. The machine is useful for CSSD’s when washing surgical equipment, containers, vessels and utensils due to its flexible load carriers as well as for care facilities when washing wheelchairs, walking aids, toilet chairs, bowls and similar equipment.

The IQ10e represents a new generation of Cart Washer Disinfectors with outstanding features that meet the latest regulatory standards such as EN/ISO 15883-1/2/6. This allows the IQ10e to work as a backup for the standard Washer Disinfectors in a CSSD.

Available in four different sizes to adapt to every need. Furthermore, it is possible to purchase a selection of different flexible trolleys.


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The IQ10e is made to be an eco-friendly machine. By monitoring cycle parameters and variables and with dedicated programs the machine will always seek to optimize water, energy and chemical consumption by its built-in control functions.



  • User friendly control system
  • Equipped with a water recovery system that allows the user to recover the water used in the thermal disinfection phase and reuse it in the next cycle
  • Increased productivity
  • Large capacity
  • Low energy, water and chemical consumption
  • Low noise level
  • Remote service
  • Can be delivered with one or two doors with double glass, which can resist high temperatures
  • As a standard the machine has 40 programmable programs
  • The operation of the Cart Washer is constantly monitored by the control system. If there are any deviations from the set parameters or operation errors, it will trigger an information message on the touch screen
  • Two standard water preheating tanks reduce the cycle time and adjust the water temperature for each washing phase


Technical data

External dimensions IQ10e-S: H: 2450 x W: 2500 x D: 2540 mm
IQ10e-SL: H: 2450 x W: 2500 x D: 3340 mm
IQ10e-WS: H: 2450 x W: 2960 x D: 2540 mm
IQ10e-WL: H: 2450 x W: 2960 x D: 3340 mm
Usable chamber space Q10e-S: H: 1875 x W: 970 x D: 2200 mm
IQ10e-SL: H: 1875 x W: 970 x D: 3000 mm
IQ10e-WS: H: 1875 x W: 1200 x D: 2200 mm
IQ10e-WL: H: 1875 x W: 1200x D: 3000 mm
Preheating tanks capacity 250 + 120 liters
Electrical connection 400 Vac3N 50Hz
Total electrical consumption        90 kW electric version 20 kW steam version as standard
Water pressure inlet 200-800 kPa
Water 1 connection Cold water: ¾ “ RG, 5-30 ºC, 0-30 ºC dHWater
Water 2 connection Hot water: ¾ “ RG, 30-70 ºC, 0-3 ºC dH
Water 3 connection Demi water: ¾ “ RG, 5-70 ºC, 0-3 ºC dH, conductivity 0-200 μS
Water recirculation pump 4.0 kW high pressure pump inverter controlled
Water recirculation flowrate Up to 700 l/min
Drying air filtration Class H14 according DS EN 1822
Drying blower High pressure pump 4.0 kW
Drain Ø100 mm
Noise level < 63 dB
Max relative humidity 80%
Operative environment Temperature and humidity: 5°C – 40°C, ≤ 80% RH for temperatures up to 31°C