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IQ3 Glassware Washer

KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS has developed a new range of Washer Disinfectors that will set new standards in the LIFE SCIENCE industry. The KEN IQ3 is the smallest version of the IQ series, and it is designed for washing and disinfection of small equipment in laboratories.

In its basic design, the IQ3 is delivered as an under-counter version. This machine is a smaller version and has eco drying where convection and detergent can be placed in a cupboard next to the Washer Disinfector. The IQ3 is also available with a side cabinet, including storage for detergent, a drying module and condenser.

The IQ3 is designed to leave a small environmental, operational and financial footprint.

The IQ3 has with a wide range of racks and modules to suit every need in private laboratories, university test laboratories and so on.


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  • Wide range of racks and modules to meet every need
  • Manual door opening that allows for the door to be used as a loading platform. This practical solution makes the use of a manual loading trolley superfluous
  • Smooth surface in tempered glass that is easy to clean
  • Low energy and chemical consumption
  • Low noise level
  • Easy to operate
  • Keyboard with soft touch program keys is easily accessible and detailed information about the program processes is displayed in the large OLED display
  • Comes with 40 programmable programs
  • Open programs structure
  • Full process validation
  • Remote service acces
  • All datas from the IQ3 are fully exchangeable with common track and trace systems. All datas are delivered in XML format
  • EN ISO 15883 1-2-5-6 compliant
  • TGA Approved


Technical data

External dimensions H: 840 x W: 600 x D: 630 mm
Operative volume / dimensions, wash chamber
H: 470 x W: 530 x D: 550 mm
Weight excl. / incl. packaging 106 / 116 kg
Operative volume, wash chamber 137 L
Total volume, wash chamber 175 L
Capacity, baskets 4 x 2 DIN-baskets, 480 x 250 x 50mm
Cycle time, standard 40-60 min
Condenser Standard
Water connections 2 x 3/4” (2x optional)
Cold water Pressure 200-800 kPa, ≥ 10L/min, temp. 5-30˚, hardness 0-30˚ dH
Hot water Pressure 200-800 kPa, ≥ 10L/min, temp. 30-70˚, hardness 0-3˚ dH
Demi vand / RO water Pressure 200-800kPa, ≥ 10 L/min, temp. 5-70°, conductivity 3-200 μS/cm
Sound pressure level:
<58 dB (A)
<54 dB (A)
Water consumption per phase Approx. 8-14 L (depending on rack)
Power supply options 1×230-240V / 3×230-415V AC + N + PE, 50/60 Hz 7 kW, 11.5 A
Printer Optional
Programs available 8 standard + 32 optional
Drain ø32mm, minimum flow requirements: 14 L/min