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    IQ4 Washer Disinfector

    KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS has developed a new range of washer disinfectors that will facilitate the usage, liability and service of Washer Disinfectors for the HEALTHCARE industry. The IQ series is a modular built range that meets all relevant standards such as ISO 15883, UL to name a few.

    IQ4 can hold up to 8 DIN baskets. A small Washer Disinfector that is efficient and has a very small footprint and equipped with all the features and programs well known from IQ5 and 6. Printer, RFID recognition, and various racks can be offered to suit the customer’s needs.


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    KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS has developed a new range of washer disinfectors that will set new standards in the HEALTHCARE industry.

    The elegant design provides a smooth surface in tempered glass that is easy to clean. The IQ4 has manual doors that allow for loading directly at the door, and the machine is easy to operate by touch panel and all relevant information is shown in a small display.

    IQ4 is constructed to lower all costs in terms of environmental, physical, operational and financial footprint.

    IQ4 comes with a wide range of racks, trolleys and modules, or is developped to suit your needs.

    All data from the IQ4 are fully exchangeable with common computer systems.


    • Full process validation
    • EN ISO 15883-1-2-5
    • RFID technology
    • Manual loading and unloading
    • Low noise level
    • Low energy costs
    • Low water consumption
    • Small physical footprint

    KEN IQ4

    Outer dimensionsH: 1790 x W: 600 x D: 700mm
    Operative chamber dimensionsH: 597 x W: 540 x D: 610mm
    Weight excl. / incl. packaging165/180kg
    Operative volume, wash chamber197 L
    Total volume, wash chamber225 L
    Capacity DIN-baskets 480x250x50mm4 x 2
    Cycle time, standard50-60 min.
    Exhaust connectionsø60 mm, 1,4 m3 per min
    Water connections2 x 3/4 (3rd is optional)
    Cold water200-800 kPa, ≥ 15L/min, 5-30˚, 0-30˚ dH
    Hot water200-800 kPa, ≥ 15L/min, 30-70˚, 0-3˚ dH
    Demi vand/RO water200-800kPa, ≥ 15 L/min, 5-70°,
    conductivity 3-200 μS
    Washing / Drying< 56.6 dB (A) / <52.6 dB (A)
    Water consumption per phaseApprox. 12-15 L
    Power supply opitons3×200-440V AC + N + PE 50/60 Hz
    Connected load10-13 kW
    Programs10 standard + 30 optional
    Drainø50mm, min. flow requirements 115 L/min

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