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IQ6 Washer Disinfector

Proven performance, reliability and space-saving design for CSSDs. KEN IQ6 are specially designed for use in CSSDs as well as in the surgical wards, intensive care or other departments, or healthcare facilities where the decontamination of materials are required.

The machine is available with one or two automatic vertical sliding downwards doors.

Its high capacity, flexibility and speed guarantees the execution of optimal, reliable and safe processes at the lowest costs.

The IQ6 allows robotic loading and unloading, hereby reducing heavy lifting and improving the working environment inside the CSSD.

The IQ6 has a low energy, detergent and water consumption, which keep operating costs at a minimum and contribute to a clean environment.


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The IQ6 series is compatible with the traceability software systems used in CSSDs and makes batch logging an easy, automated and secure task. Side by side installation and compact efficiency reduces the space needed and increases productivity in a smaller space.

The IQ6 comes with a wide range of racks and modules and holds up to 18 DIN baskets.



  • Glass sliding doors with soft close
  • Double door model ensures an effective barrier between the clean side and the unclean side, thereby optimizing the required level of hygiene and reducing the risk of hospital infections as well as keeping a safe working environment for the staff
  • Pass-through versions incorporate a door locking system that prevents simultaneous opening of both doors
  • Ergonomic loading height of 750 mm for easy and safe handling, even with the heaviest loads
  • 45 minutes validated washing program including drying
  • Low energy, water and chemical consumption
  • Low noise level
  • Up to 40 different programs for washing and disinfection of surgical instruments and utensils
  • Interactive remote service
  • Thanks to the user-friendly, intuitive and graphic screens staff is able to monitor the progress of the washing cycles thus ensuring optimal use of resources
  • Smooth surface in tempered glass that is easy to clean
  • The IQ6 is easy to operate by touch panel with swipe function, showing all relevant information of the program needed by the operators
  • All data from the IQ6 are fully exchangeable with common computer systems
  • RFID recognition
  • The equipment has been manufactured in accordance with European Union Directives and has consequently been constructed based on EN ISO 15883-1, 2, 5, 6 standard


Technical data

External dimensions H: 1985 x W: 820 x D: 936 mm
Operative volume / dimensions, wash chamber   H: 690 x W: 705 x D: 850 mm
Weight excl. / incl. packaging 340 / 405 kg
Operative volume, wash chamber 413 L
Total volume, wash chamber 497 L
Capacity, baskets 18 DIN-baskets 480 x 250 x 50 mm
10 SPRI-baskets 450 x 340 x 70 mm
Cycle time  35-45 min (fast cycle machine < 30 min.)
Exhaust connections ø100 mm 385 m³/h
Water connections 2 x 3/4” (3rd optional)
Cold water Pressure 200-800 kPa, ≥ 15L/min, temp. 5-30˚, hardness 0-30˚ dH
Hot water Pressure 200-800 kPa, ≥ 15L/min, temp. 30-70˚, hardness 0-3˚ dH
Demi vand / RO water Pressure 200-800kPa, ≥ 15L/min, temp. 5-70°, conductivity 3-200 μS/cm
Sound pressure level:
<56.5 dB (A)
<60.5 dB (A)
Water consumption per phase Approx. 22-25 ltr (with standard 5-level rack)
Power supply options, mix. steam or electrical 3×200-480V AC + N + PE, 50/60 Hz 11,5 – 25,5 kW
Power supply options, steam only 3×200-480V AC + N + PE, 50/60 Hz 2,4 – 2,8 kW
Programs available 10 standard + 30 optional
Drain ø50mm, minimum flow requirements: 115 L/min